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My 52 cents worth: Age of Sigmar at a thousand points

My two games of Age of Sigmar in January were both played at 1,000 points. It had been a long time since I’d played at 1k points and it was really interesting challenge for me to build a force that small. For both games I decided to bring my Daemons out for a spin.

My Daemon armies are currently at the part assembled state where I can field smaller (unpainted) forces of individual allegiances, or larger (still unpainted) forces of mixed allegiance. While I have no compunction playing with unpantied models – unassembled models is where I draw the line. My Tzeentch force can field about 1k points (with about another 800 points unassembled), while my Slaanesh has about 1,800 points assembled (with about another 1k points unassembled).

Primed, but unassembled = not playable

I wrote the 1k lists to help my Keen Opponent test out his doubles army for an event and at the time I didn’t know what my partner would be bringing so the lists were built quite differently. My Tzeentch army was very magic and shooting heavy, while my Slaanesh was fast and melee. As it turns out my partner had Beasts of Chaos so I decided to field the Tzeentch for ranged support.

As it was a testing ground for a doubles event we took our time talking through things so Keen and his partner were best prepped for the event. We ‘timed out’ in turn 3 game but I really enjoyed getting my Tzeentch back on the table. The highlight for me was running out of horror models as, due to three great battleshock rolls, my Pink Horrors were bolstered back to full strength after taking wounds and generating 20 Blue Horrors.

All set up for our game of doubles

A couple of weeks later I did get a chance to play against Allonairre with the Slaanesh force I wrote, which was good because I really wanted to play with my Slaaneshi Salesgirls one last time before the new battletome dropped (which looks to be a number of changes for the better which is great). Allonairre is getting to know his army quite well now and this, coupled with my lack of experience with Slaanesh, allowed him to score a win from me.

Most of my Age of Sigmar games are played at 1,500 points. On occasion we’ll stretch to 2k, but for us 1,500 is the sweet spot. We find it allows us to finish the game in good time (including slow games where we’re enjoying a coffee/beer/hot chocolate), it allows a decent sized army to be brought to the table, and also allows us to bring a battalion or centrepiece model (e.g. Morathi) without the downside of them being a points sink.

Allonairre’s High Aelves – slowly but surely being replaced by actual Lumineth Realmlords

It also allows us to bring a diversity of armies. While it’s great that I have about 3.5k of Daughters of Khaine and 2.5k of Cities of Sigmar (and the aforementioned 1.8k of Tzeentch and 2.8k of Slaanesh) what I’ve really built up there are options. Options for games with various sizes, options for games against specific opponents, options for games with specific victory conditions, and even options for theme.

Playing at 1,000 points though, that really makes you think about your army composition. Suddenly your combos and elite units are taking up a greater percentage of your army. Suddenly doubling the size of a battleline unit seems a good alternative to running multiple small units. Suddenly ‘Battleline if’ is just that little bit more tempting… but at what cost.

My Tzeentch force ready to rain warpfire on the enemy

For my two lists I decided to focus on one thing, and try to do that one thing the best I could. For my Tzeentch my focus was ranged damage and I stacked my army with Flamers, Exalted Flamers, a Herald on a Burning Chariot, and unit of 10 Pink Horrors. The potential damage output was good, and the army was mobile allowing me to reposition relatively quickly. The Slaanesh army had two units of 20 Daemonettes and was headed up by a Herald on Chariot, a Contorted Epitome, and an Infernal Enrapturess (leaning into the heroes as Slaanesh did with the old battletome). A little less maneuverable than the Tzeentch army, but with two solid blocks of infantry and a lot of melee damage.

This is fine* (*This is not fine)

I’m happy to say both armies played as expected. The Tzeentch was the more adaptable of the two (fly will do that just as standard) but I always felt like I was one bad roll away from it collapsing, which of course is where Destiny Dice came in to play. The Slaanesh was a glass cannon which fired OK, but not OK enough and I was playing defence from the second turn. Nonetheless two very enjoyable games, and an enjoyable time writing the more concise lists. If your local group is getting stale maybe think about dropping the points on your games and keeping people on their feet.


I thought I’d also chip in here as I’ve also played a 1,000 point game In January and a 1,500 point and of the two the 1K game was the more taxing and tactical!

I played Allonairre with my Legion of Sacrament from the Legions of Nagash book. The LoN book is a great tool kit for creating lots of different Undead armies with different units dependent on if the general is Nagash (God of the Undead in Age of Sigmar) or one of his Lieutenants known as Mortarchs. Each one has a different character and flavour with their respective Legions playing differently to each other.

I also wanted to use Arkhan the Black as I painted him to a pretty good standard and was desperate to get that “New Model” curse off him.

I did feel a wee bit guilty about using such a powerful character in a small game but I needn’t have worried the list I played against was the Lumineth Realmlords and owing to their key feature of multiple magic casters and to tie up your command abilities I just barely held my own. It was a loss in the end but it was very close. We could tie it all back to one unit of cavalry which stole an objective early game that I had left undefended by a couple of inches! Placing Allonairre on a commanding lead which was very difficult to catch up.

It was tense and tactical and every claw back of points felt earned. We both thought it was one of our best games.

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